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KCU Mortgage Rates

Competitive rates with flexible options.

Very competitive rates and a wide range of options make us one of the best sources for a residential mortgage. Borrowing options are tailored to your individual financial needs and come with flexible payback options.

Residential Conventional 1st Mortgage Posted Rates
6 Month Closed Term 4.50%
1 Year Open Variable Prime + 2.5%
1 Year Closed Term 3.75%
2 Year Closed Term 3.75%
3 Year Closed Term 4.25%
4 Year Closed Term 4.75%
5 Year Closed Term 5.00%
7 Year Closed Term 5.95%
10 Year Closed Term 6.50%



Please note: The rates are effective as of January 14th, 2019 and are subject to change without notice. Some restrictions may apply