Message From The Chairperson & CEO


Thank you for taking a virtual tour with KCU. We trust that you will learn something about our history, our people, our dedication to the community and our commitment to Sikh people throughout the province of British Columbia. In addition to English and Punjabi, we are fond of saying that we speak your language – SERVICE. Throughout KCU, on a daily basis, our employees strive to provide a level of service and professionalism that leaves our members completely satisfied. We encourage you to become a member if you have not already done so, and experience first hand the wonderful service provided by our exceptional team of dedicated staff and management.

As a financial cooperative, members decide on who is elected to the Board of Directors of KCU and are encouraged to voice their opinion to credit union representatives, who will treat you like you own the place – because members do own it. This sets us apart from most other financial institutions. You will also find that KCU believes that being a good neighbor is more than a marketing opportunity. It is an obligation. Our growth has been derived from reputation, not acquisition.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of KCU, thank you for checking us out, and please come back again soon.

Jaswinder Singh Gill


At KCU, our corporate philosophy is not rooted in the “small is beautiful” or “bigger is better” mantras that seem to divide the business community. We simply believe in doing business in a respectful manner and not expanding beyond our ability to provide outstanding service to members on a daily basis. We believe in partnering with other organizations that share our values and support our efforts in all our communities.

Human capital represents the most important asset on our balance sheet. At KCU we are not all about numbers. We are committed to listening to members and employees in order to understand their needs. We are proud of the opportunities we have afforded for members to own their own homes and for employees to pursue their careers. Fulfilling our promises and exceeding expectations is what we do at KCU.

These are exciting times to be in business. I invite you to join KCU and help it reach its full potential.

Dalbir Singh Mehta
Chief Executive Officer