Manager, Branch Operations

Posted 2 months ago

GRID POSITION: Salary                                               REPORTS TO: Community Branch Manager

LOCATION: Surrey, Abbotsford, Vancouver               DATE: March 2019

This position is a managerial position and will assist the Community Branch Manager in the effective and efficient functioning of the branch by providing high quality service, both internally and to members.

This role needs to not only operate within an established set of policies and procedures but also to ensure effective application of those policies and procedures and to support and supervise branch staff in working within the rules and boundaries the credit union has established.  This position will assist the Branch Manager in guiding and supervising branch office staff in providing quality service to members and through sales and service of products with the expectation of meeting or exceeding branch and individual goals.

This position attains, tracks, reports, supervises and leads others in sales performance in accordance with assigned production goals. This position is cross-trained in all branch functions and thinks ahead to branch needs and potential solutions.

This position will prepare and deliver formal staff feedback, including coaching plans, warnings, career development and performance appraisals. This position will also work with the Community Branch Manager and Corporate Office regarding hiring decisions and discipline. Fluent in both Punjabi and English, Manager Branch Operations ideally has a good network within the Canadian Sikh community

Essential Functions: 

Sales and Service:

    • Provides direct supervision over all branch staff to ensure optimal level of member service in conformity with established credit union policies and procedures.
    • Regularly follows and manages staff to service expectations including acknowledging members in the lobby, greeting techniques, listening skills, using members’ names and shows respect for members.
    • Adopts a leadership role in branch efforts, including product promotions. Understands and focuses self and staff on branch goals. Meets individual production goals and coaches staff to meet their goals.
    • Working toward full implementation of a proactive product offering culture. Keeps sales & service top of mind for employees.
    • Performs the sales activities outlined in KCU’s business plan.
    • Actively and appropriately offers all the credit union’s services to current and prospective members, including recognizing opportunities to fulfill the member’s additional financial needs. Initiates exploratory discussions.
    • Assists branch staff by answering questions, solving problems, and helping with complex work-related matters. Handles personnel problems within a range of responsibility. Performs
    • Assists in the preparation and delivery of reviews for direct reports, including developing coaching plans and any necessary disciplinary actions.
    • Actively represents the credit union in industry related, commerce, civic, community or charitable organizations.

Staff Supervision:

    • Provides direct supervision to the branch staff to ensure optimal level of member service in conformity with established policies and procedures. Schedules and delegates branch work and provides training for branch staff. Oversees the front line scheduling to ensure appropriate service levels are met.
    • Provides feedback to staff and to supervisors on staff performance.
    • Prepares and delivers reviews including developing coaching plans and recommends and implements disciplinary action where necessary.
    • Ensures that relationships with staff members are appropriate, taking care to avoid situations that would weaken the level of perceived authority.
    • Coaches branch staff to the expected level of professionalism within the credit union, and acts as a role model in this area.

Job Requirements:

    • Experience and full proficiency in all branch responsibilities
    • Leadership, coaching and management skills, including the ability to motivate others and lead change
    • Verbal and written communication skills
    • Computer skills: Windows, web-based systems, Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and e-mail.
    • Experience and full proficiency in exploring and fulfilling all member requests including opening accounts, taking loan applications and performing loan closings.
    • Ability to generate rapport and foster member relationships
    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • Previous banking and managerial experience

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